Veggie Whaaat?

I have been having severe attacks every couple weeks, along with minor attacks in between. I am a part of a few Pancreatic Disease geared pages on Facebook, I asked whether or not having a vegetarian diet had a positive change on them. Out of roughly 100 people who responded, almost all said they had a very positive response to the diet change. With that information I took it to Matt to discuss going to a vegetarian diet. With him on board I went to Amazon to order a book on the subject. To my very happy surprise I found a couple books that are on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. All my life I have been a meat eater. I love fish, chicken, cow, turkey, and pork, all kinds of meat. If I chose to make this change, it will be a huge. But I guess I'm pretty use to life changes. Right? On a positive side note I am up almost 10lbs from when I was told to gain weight, and it looks like my spots are fading.

Matt and I were talking the other day, he brought up that he might want to switch to coffee. (He usually has energy drinks), I have been drinking coffee all day, every day since I was 18, then a little over a year ago I noticed it was making me sick. I quickly stopped, but still miss a nice hot cup of coffee every once in a while. After July 18th I'm going to have a nice big cup! I can pretty much guarantee it's going to be very "basic white girl". I recently saw a commercial for a new Keurig machine, let me tell you I'd buy it just because of how sexy it looks! (Don’t worry Love, I won’t) Check it out folks, it's nice! If Matt does choose to drink coffee, I'll probably just get a bland, old school one. A girl can dream, and Amazon Window Shop. Haaa! Window, like Microsoft windows? My joke buddy would laugh.

I used to sew all the time and somewhere between work, school and life I just stopped. My sewing machine was in the garage collecting dust, and my spools of thread stuffed in a bag on a shelf. My beautiful friend Bethany is due July 31st, with her first baby boy. This gave me the opportunity to pull out my sewing machine. I have started making burp rags and a baby blanket. I haven't been feeling well this week and am getting about 1 cloth done every two or three days. At this rate I'll have them all done by the time the little guy is here. By the way, Bethany is also responsible for keeping my hair looking amazing.

At Kodi’s birthday party a few weeks ago I met one of his friends’ moms. Katie is very nice and lives right down the street, just like a few other moms of some of the kids Kodi plays with. The next day after Kodi’s sleep over Katie came over to pick up her son. While the boys continued to play, we sat in the living room talking and getting to know each other a bit. Today she blessed me with a walker that use to be her dads. It’s a very nice walker and will make thinks a bit easier on me. It has a seat, and a back support along with storage compartments. Matt doesn’t like me standing in the kitchen, but that’s where the family gathers a lot and I just want to be included. Now, I will be able to sit in there with the family. The compartments are great for me to put my water or phone in. Trying to carry them in my waist band just doesn’t work most the time.

Okay, can we talk about Game of Thrones?! I won’t give away spoilers but O.M.G! My anxiety was so high, the first ten minutes we had to keep stopping it. Honestly, I thought I might throw up. Very intense! If you aren’t caught up, hurry up! Winter is here!

I’m going to call it a night, my Love is snoring next to me so I should get us off to bed.

Love Sandee

Let me know what you thought of GOT!

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