A Basic Week

I have been reading a few different books, you all know this, I mentioned it Sunday. But the one I just finished is Stassi Schroeder: Next Level Basic. I enjoyed the book and found out I’m a lot more "Basic " than I thought. Now the word Basic in 2019 is a lot different from what it meant five years ago. In the world we live in today Basic means: only interested in things mainstream, popular, and trending. The actual definition of Basic is forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental. They are fairly similar, just now it has a new flare to it. So, there is your English lesson for today. My review of this book is, lighthearted, funny and I felt like I was listening to a friend talk. However, I feel a lot of the topics discussed were mainly geared towards a non-married with children woman. Still enjoyed it non the less.

The other night Matt and I were getting ready for bed. It takes us (me) no less than 20 minutes to get actually into bed. We have even tried to start getting ready for bed earlier but that never works. It just gives me extra time to float around.

I was in the bathroom cleaning up from the day. Matt had cut his hair a few days prior and there were little hairs all over the counter. While I was cleaning up, I saw a pair of his underwears, I picked them up and began just dusting the hairs away. Matt looked in on me and was shocked and appalled that I was using his underwears to clean the counter. By the way Matt thinks it's weird I add an S to underwear.

Earlier this week my face was feeling dirty and gritty, so I went into my bathroom to wash my face. I like make up wipes but I don't use them often since I don't wear makeup to much these days. Instead I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub facial cleanser. I’ve used this off and on since I was a teenager and love it. It makes my face feel so smooth and has a pleasant scent. As the water warms up, I get a clean towel and lay it on the counter next to me. I rinse and dry my face but notice I have some of the Apricot scrub still on my forehead, I just grabbed a towel, wiped off the scrub and put it back on the rack. Fast forward to that night, Matt is in the shower and we are talking and just catching up on the day. I start telling him about washing my face, (I'm very interesting, aren't I?) and I mention how the little apricot seeds reminded me of new born baby poop. Matt knew that my stomach hadn't been agreeing with me. I continue to talk about the face scrub, how it ended up on the towel and what it looked like. I start to look for the towel to show Matt, I look over and start laughing uncontrollably. He's staring at me, almost dry with THE towel in his hand. What made this even more funny, he thought I was implying the towel had poop seeds on it. I could barely stand I was laughing so hard.

The past few weeks have been pretty rough. The nausea and pain are an ongoing event. I have even passed out a couple times. Both in the kitchen, pretty much the only place in my house without carpet. The days that are good, I try and make the best of them. Either by going out, sitting in my backyard, or cleaning. Anything but lay on the couch. I may have a burn party after all this is over and burn that couch! (Just kidding My Love)

Since I have been spending so much time laid out, I have gotten back into ordering a couple episodes. I already told Matt, okay well the truth is, he saw it. He threw his head back so hard I thought it might pop off and voiced loudly "damn it”. We had a good laugh, mainly me but that's beside the point.

I posted back before about a fruit dip that I found and absolutely love. It's just Vanilla Greek yogurt, fat free cool whip, and vanilla pudding mix. Just mix together and chill.

It's delicious and has saved me a lot when I'm hungry but can’t eat much.

I just talked to Matt about what time GOT starts, we figure 6pm on Amazon Prime. This time we'll make it all the way through. I can't wait. We've all been patiently waiting for two years. Now, only five episodes left. I don’t know about you, but I'm not ready to stop torturing myself, I need my GOT every two years. If there is a petition to extend, I'll be happy to sign it!

I can’t end this post without bringing up the fact that in 87 more days I'll be at UCSF having my pancreas removed! After over two months of waiting, going through all the steps, feeling defeated, and hopeless. Finally, we are almost there. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support, and most of all coming along on this intense journey. It's almost over.

I hope by then to work out Vlogs, (Video Blogs) that way you can all come along in person and experience the next chapter. I know on Facebook I can do Live video's but I'm not that type, I need a script, or at the very least the ability to edit. I don't have the most eloquent language. Most of you know this. (Lol) We will see about all that. Baby steps.

I'll be adding more jewelry pieces this week, check them out!

Love Sandee

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