The Struggle is Real

I am terribly sorry, but this blog is going to be very short.

For the past month I have been struggling very bad. My pain had been getting much worse. I have been sleeping a lot these past few days and really only getting off the couch to use the restrooms.

On Tuesday I was having a good morning, talking with my kids before they head out to school and then talking to my cousins. Shortly after 10am I was in horrible pain. I had all the meds I could, and nothing was helping. I called Matt and he said he was on his way home to me. I then called my sister in law because I thought she was home, she heard the pain in my voice and immediately called the ambulance. I was unable to get off the floor to open the door but informed them the window was open. In minutes they were climbing through my window and started hooking things up and then loaded me into the rig.

They hit me with a lot of meds, and I don’t remember much. Today my hands are very jerky. Ive like a bunch of things on Instagram I didn’t mean to. They offered to transfer me to UCSF or go home. I chose to go home. I just wanted to be in my own house with my family and pets.

I am pretty doped up on meds right now. I’m hoping to hear from UCSF tomorrow about a date for surgery.

Good night xoxo

Sandra Kellas

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