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To Go or Not To Go

A couple weeks Matt and I drove to UCSF to meet with my GI Doctor. I was so excited because we thought this was the day we get will get a date for the total pancreatectomy with islet auto-transplantation also known as tpiat. While we were there we were given the option to go to University Of Minnesota to have the procedure there instead of UCSF. My doctor explained he felt that no matter which place we chose i'd be 100% fine.

Matt and I drove home pretty much in silence. I was in such disbelief and shock. I was confused and scared. Thinking of leaving my children for a month, maybe longer is just too hard. I went completely out of mind. I started a huge fight with Matt. I yelled and screamed till I was just exhausted. I'm so grateful I have such an understanding husband. He knew it wasn't about him.

Finally we sat down and talked about the options. We both decided it would be best to stay with UCSF. We've been very confident in them so far, I know my doctors there, they saved my life a couple times. There is no reason we should lose trust in them now. Now we are in a waiting period till the surgeons office calls for us to come in. As soon as we get more information and a date I'll update everyone immediately!

I'm very happy to be sharing this journey with all of you! Thank you so much for making me feel part of the outside world again!

Love Sandra Kellas

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