Sorry the picture gives you PTSD from the first 10 minutes of the GOT Battle scene.

It's past midnight and my love is sleeping peacefully next to me. I'm awake and not feeling well. All the familiar symptoms, nausea, severe back pain, dizzy, and of course my pancreatitis. I've been staying on top of my medicines and really try not to over do it with house work.

Some may feel this next conversation is TMI. However, I have been very honest and open with my life and who knows maybe this will help someone else.

In January 2019 I started getting more sick. I was passing out, vomiting often, sever attacks, and sometime seizure like shaking. February came and we noticed it again, March as well. Then it hit me, all my attacks were in close proximity to my menstrual cycle. I know I have mentioned this before, I am just giving a bit more information. After we caught on to this, i was able to adjust my lifestyle when I knew my cycle was approaching.

Adjusting my lifestyle is simply having my walker close, having heating pads , pillows, blanket, and charger set up. Today Matt and I made meals that are easy to heat up. Sometimes I get exhausted just trying to cook the premade meals. I count myself very lucky to have such a wonderful husband that is willing to help me.

I was just watching a Netflix Original ,Nailed It! It's a contest between 3 non bakers. Probably couldn't make ice, no I'm just kidding. They have these everyday people trying to out do each other in efforts to make the best desserts you'd attempt on Pinterest. I could forsure be on that show! I either do a great job or a really bad one.

My eyes just rolled into my head like Bran. That is a good sign for me to finally try and get some sleep.

Oh one more thing, I am working on a few 4th of July jewelry pieces. I'll have them done by the end of the week.

Love, Sandee

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