Peeves & Parties

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you rely on someone and they let you down. Due to my disease and all the medications surrounding it I am unable to drive, therefore I do almost everything online or unfortunately have to rely on friends and family for help. I hate it. I hate that I have to ask for help or rely fully on someone else. And what bothers me the most, is when I’m let down.

I completely understand people are very busy now a days. Bring pulled in every direction every day. But if you know all this, or know deep down you aren't reliable, don't agree to do help. Don’t take on more than you can handle. Running around looking like a chicken with your head cut off is not necessary. Be honest with yourself, if you can’t do it don't try.

This past weekend was Lincoln's 18th surprise party. I had an image in my head of how I wanted it look, and the plan for the night. If it hadn't been for my friends and Matt getting off work early there is now way, I'd have been able to pull it off. We cut close to the wire.

Everyone was to be at my house by 4:30pm. Lincoln and Kodi were at the movies, and then Kodi had to make up excuses for staying out longer. Well, we didn’t even stay getting ready to 4:23pm. Finally, ready to go we text Kodi. Soon they were pulling up to the house and we were in place. The door opened and Kodi walked in first, then as soon as I saw Lincoln's foot in the door we yelled "SURPRISE!" His smile could have lit up the room! Unfortunately, not everyone was there on time but, he was still very happy.

We turned our backyard into a fun play area, talking and catching up, a gift section, a photo area, cotton candy station, and then finally a beautiful table set for 15.

There were roughly 100 black and gold balloons, party confetti, and lights that brought it all together.

The bounce house was fun for the kids, along with the cotton candy machine. Kodi had a blast with the photo booth area. And decided he wants that for his party that is coming up in two weeks.

What made this party so special was we were celebrating 3 very special people’s birthdays. Obviously, Lincoln’s but two of our very close family friends. Being able to spend everyone’s birthday was especially important for me, because I was well enough to celebrate with the people I love.

As always thank you for you support and love.

Sandra Kellas

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