Pain management trouble.

Updated: Jun 23, 2019

For the past few weeks it has been very difficult to manage my pain and nausea. Just this past week I was back in the emergency room.

Tuesday night I had popcorn like I do every night. About 20 minutes after munching I started to feel pain. Immediately I put it away and took some medicine. I was up all night.

Wednesday things did not improve much. Now, I am vomiting on top of pain. Matt came home for work and almost immediately needed to call the ambulance. After hours at the hospital we came home and it felt like I slept for almost two days.

I have no doing much besides crafts with the kids and sleeping. I am not eating much either. Either I get sick, or i have pain so to avoid it I just don't eat much.

July 11th I get my ports put in, and on the 18th is surgery.

I'm sorry this blog isnt very long. I didnt want to go another week without updating.

I am almost done with my Summer Binder. It's my go to for summer activities, and treats. As soon as I am complete I'll share it with everyone!

Also my favorite fat free or low fat go-tos.

Thank you for continuing on this journey with me.

💜 Sandee

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