Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Change your thoughts and you change your world. Norman Vincent Peale

I recently posted a picture to my Facebook showing a comparison from April 2018 to January 2019. I have lost almost a total of 30 pounds since this all began in 2017. I use a heating on both my back and abdomen daily and almost all day. Because of this I have burn marks that make me look like a cheetah. None of my clothes fit so I wear sweatpants and onesies most the time. My hair falls out and is thin. I don't even bother getting it done because I can't sit in a chair like that for two- four hours. Matt tells me I'm beautiful all the time but it's pretty hard to believe it when I see myself the way I do.

Today was very emotional for me, I'm not quite sure why but anytime I would think about my condition I would have to fight back tears. I've been very weak and need a lot of extra assistance getting around and doing things. Seriously, even trying to move my pillows around I get exhausted and short of breath.

I apologize for cutting this short tonight, I'm really not doing well right now.

Thank you for everyone's support and prayers. I am truly grateful.

Sandra Kellas 💜

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