Kodi's Birthday

I have spent the last couple weeks preparing for Kodi's 9th birthday party. After order mishaps, invitation goofs, hours of swag bag organization and party set up it was finally party time! I'll be honest, if it hadn't been for my oldest taking off school, Matt coming home early and my sister in law coming I could not have pulled this off. Seriously Matt made 2 balloon towers! It was just amazing!

Kodi had an absolute blast! There were 11 boys here and about half stayed the night. Keep in mind I don't have any girls except my two cats, I was outnumbered until my sister and friend came over. In the beginning it was pretty insane, in all fairness they walked in to find a candy buffet. After some party games, they started to calm down a bit. They made their own Lego racecars, played an Eye Spy game, saw who could blow the biggest balloon in 10 seconds and the funniest game was Simon Says.

With all the games, prizes, video games, bounce house and the cotton candy machine I think the best part for Kodi was having both sets of parents there.

We really do our best to co-parent. All four of us just want Kodi to be happy, safe and healthy. So far, I think we are doing great.

It's now 4am Saturday morning, I've been up since 130am. Pain hit me hard and fast. I got up and took my meds and now lying in bed with my heating pads. But Kodi's smile was 100% worth it.

So, it's Sunday night now and I have been laying on the couch all day with Matt catching up on the Game of Thrones series before the season 8 premiere started. I had woken up in a lot of pain. My back hurt more and more with each step. Thankfully Matt had the day off and he was able to help me today. My oldest had a study group in the morning and a lunch date in the afternoon. My youngest went out and played with his friends. It's very nice to know that we have raised good kids. Kids that are liked and have their own lives.

We didn't watch the whole episode of the new G.O.T, we got about half way through and Matt looks at me and says he’s ready for bed. I was just as shocked as all you GOT fans! But I love my husband and knows how hard he works. So, I smiled and came to bed.

My plans for this week, are to box up party supplies and have those put in the garage till the next time we can use them. I have found a new love for hosting and throwing parties. I think that maybe too much Real Housewives.

I have two loads of laundry to finish folding. I really try my hardest to fold my laundry as soon as it comes out, but I don’t. Lucky for me, my husband knew all this about me, and still married me.

I’d like to try and catch up on some reading. I’m in three at the moment, and one more arriving on Tuesday! At first, I was thinking to myself why start a new book when I'm not done with the first one? But then I realized I just wasn't in the mood for a scary book, I was in the mood to read a biography. I don't see anything wrong having different books on going for different moods that I am in. I watch different movies depending on my moods, why shouldn’t books be the same?

Another thing I'd really enjoy, is to make some new jewelry pieces. For the past few weeks I have been laid out on the couch for most the day. Between being exhausted from setting up and my hands jerking without my control it's just too much. I really hate it because of how much I loved making jewelry. Instead I watch Real housewives of Beverly Hills. That is where my creative birthday parties have come from.

Tomorrow one thing I definitely need to do is reach out to my PCP doctor to ensure she sends a letter back to my doctor at UCSF, and I believe they will schedule my surgery. They are looking to have it done by June or July. With Spring Break, and Lincoln's graduation activities happening over the next few months. Hopefully that will help make the time go faster.

Well I was hoping to post this blog tonight (Sunday) but I left my computer unplugged. I am sorry it was not up sooner.

Love, Sandee

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