It's the hubby...

Hey everyone, it's Matt. Sandra has been having a rough few days. Updating her blog in a timely manner is important to her, so I'm jumping in.

We're at 46 days until surgery. The fact that it's June means surgery is next month. Sandee is scared, and it's understandable. Some comfort has been brought with the news of her cousin's success (albeit with some struggles in pain management initially), and with the news of our northern friend having wonderful results with the same people at UCSF that will be working with her.

While at work on Friday morning, I received a message from Lincoln saying that Sandee wasn't doing well at all. Lincoln asked if he could stay home from school to keep an eye on her, and to help with pain management. While Lincoln was asking me if he could take care of his mom, Kodi was making her a sign.

I'm not going to eyes watered when i saw what he made. Keep in mind that he's a 9 year old boy.

Our sons continuously amaze Sandee and I. The lengths they go to in an effort to bring her comfort are incredible. I don't feel anyone can take care of her the way I do, but when I can't be there I'm comforted by the fact that our 18yo and 9yo are holding the fort. They would move mountains for her. They consistently go above and beyond, and they always find a way to bring her comfort. When that comfort requires additional opiates, they sit and watch her breathing rate with Narcan in hand to ensure she's okay. They don't have to be told to do this. They do it because they love her, and they know like I do, this will be in the past soon. We just need to get her there. We are truly blessed to have them.

That's all I've got for now. Sandee will update on Wednesday.


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