Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I had another blog post ready to go, however I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to share about my day.

Today was the first day in almost a month that I had almost forgotten that I was sick. I woke up to my Amazon Echo alerting me there were packages being delivered today, just like it does most days. Honestly, that should just be my alarm.

After I woke, Pippin (my little chihuahua) snuggled up next to me and started to nuzzle in the blankets, the whole time snorting and wiggling around. That is my absolute favorite thing he does. It makes him so happy and brings me the same, if not more joy.

Shortly after the boys must have heard me giggling and they came in to see me. It was roughly 9:30am and I was excited to tell the kids dad would be on his way soon. Unfortunately, after texting with Matt I found out he would be a bit late. I told the boys and we started to plan out our day.

While we were talking and joking around Kodi went and got a flying spinning toy from his room. Let me tell you, for Christmas a couple years ago we got him one of these and Kodi ended up crying in a corner trying to get away from this thing. It was absolute chaos! Well, Kodi didn’t learn, he turned on his toy and it took off in the air. Lincoln tried to catch it, but it was hitting the ceiling. Our house is quite old and still has popcorn ceilings so while Lincoln was trying to catch it before it hit one of our family painting this toy was bouncing and knocking the “popcorn” into his face. Kodi is screaming in what sounds like a mixture of laughter and fear, and I’m in the corner on the couch laughing so hard it hurts. This death machine turned towards me, and Pippin did not like that one bit! He started growling, barking and getting between me and the toy, whatever it took to protect his momma. Thankfully the toy has a short battery life and died.

Lincoln came into the living room and told me how nice the day was and asked if I wanted to go sit out back. Without hesitation I said yes. He was right, it was an absolutely gorgeous morning. We all sat outback for a bit planning out our day. Matt and I continued to text through out the morning. It was quickly becoming apparent we were not going to go out like we had planned. I quickly went on to Instacart and changed my grocery deliver time to an earlier time.

I had ordered some chalk for us to play with and decorated the driveway for Matt and our family friends, who were coming over for dinner later that day. The three of us went out front and started to draw. Lincoln held back while he was working on the last bit of homework he had, but still sat outside with us. When we finished the front driveway, we went out back and played hopscotch together. I have to say I almost face planted a few times but, I had so much fun!

Shortly after 12pm, our Instacart was delivered. The boys and I unloaded everything and then picked up a little bit. Matt got home about 1pm. We all hung out on the porch talking and laughing a bit then Matt and I got up to shower while the boys picked up the yard and did some basic cleaning.

A few hours later our friends came over. We do what we always seem to do at first. Girls go one way to catch up and the guys go the other. Roughly 45mins later we were all out back sitting around the table talking and laughing while the kids played Legos.

It’s almost midnight and I am reflecting on the day. We laughed, cried, and once again became closer. I have both my boys sound asleep in their rooms. Matt is next to me snoring. (Don’t worry love it wasn’t terrible.) and I have all my fur babies around me waiting for me to go to sleep so they can all lay on me. (I know, you don’t like that)

Even though our plans didn’t work out, I have had a wonderful day. I felt great. I was jumping around, laughing, and smiling all day long. I did stay on top of my medications to ensure I wouldn’t go downhill. Unfortunately, this disease is something you can not predict. The pain comes fast, hard, and without any warning. Towards the end of the night I was feeling unsteady, weak, and had pain in my back and abdomen. I am fully medicated right now, and I have to be honest this is hard. My hands keep having spasms, my eyes are crossing, and I am so distractible.

I am going to call it a night now. Thank you all for reading and following along in my journey.

Love, Sandra

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