Hang on tight!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great week and weekend! Mine was wonderful! Ever since last Monday, after my ER trip I have been feeling so well! I’m going out, I’m laughing without being afraid it will hurt, I wore jeans all day for multiple days! With my incision I haven’t been able to wear anything but shorts with the elastic waist, leggings or sweatpants, I went out with my girlfriends alone without Matt or Lincoln escorting me. Regaining my independence has been so wonderful.

This Saturday is Matt’s 41st birthday! My sweet old man! We celebrated a week early, because Matt and I are going to go out alone for his actual birthday dinner. There hasn’t been too much alone time for the two of us in a very long time. Not sure where we are going to go. Maybe Reno, maybe Sushi, maybe a steak house. Who really knows? But really, I should get on it. I know him though; he would be just as happy watching Lord of the Rings and eating a steak at home as going out somewhere. I already made it very clear, for my birthday I want Harry Potter all day and Mountain Mikes Chicken Club Pizza. Nothing big, just the family all together.

Okay, now I am going to talk to you about something that bothered me so much when I was sick. During these three years not only did my body take a toll but also my hair and nails. I would sit in the shower and cry looking at all the hair I was losing. At one point I asked Matt if it got bad enough would it be okay if I shaved my head. THANK GOD it never came to that!

A couple months ago, a friend had introduced me to a brand called MONAT, it is a hair company. I looked into it and decided to take a shot, not even for the hair loss, it was just because I like to try new things. After using it for a few weeks my thin, wimpy, hair started to become fuller and shinier, not dull like before. And most important, the bald spots that I was getting had already started to regrow! I am not kidding! Matt is also using these products and the big bald spot he had, well it’s almost like he never had one.

I am now a business owner and sell these products. I decided to join this company because I believe in the products and I have seen them work on my own family. I have also seen this work for those suffering with Thyroid issues, postpartum, genic hair loss, alopecia, medicines and other medical issues. I’ll be attaching my website if you would like to check it out. mskellas.mymonat.com

Now that I am mobile, Matt is having a hard time keeping my feet on the ground. I told him I wanted to go hiking, lay in our hammock, go to the lake, go fishing. He was out of breath before I could finish our plans for HIS vacation lol, I just have so much I want to do. There are so many different events in the little town we live in. All I have to say is my SIL and BFF better get ready this year we are doing EVERYTHING, everyone is welcome to come along for the ride!

Now the real reason you are all here, to find out how my post-surgery is. Well from the above I’m sure you can see I am doing well. I have a follow up with my PCP tomorrow and a Pain Mgmt. appointment on Thursday. My incision has finally healed up, no more open wounds. I am beyond ready to start my life again. This week I will be starting Real Estate courses, along with running my small business.

It’s getting late and I need to turn in for the night. I am so happy to be writing again and beyond happy that I am feeling so much better.


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