Family Fun Time

" You are a sunflower that survived a tornado"- Nicole Marcus Thomas

Sunday was one of the best days I've had (emotionally) The family and I , along with Lincoln's girlfriend Ella went exploring just ten minutes up the road from our house. I had no idea so much beauty was so close.

We all piled in the cars and started our drive. I wore a white long sleeve shirt with a brown vest and jeans. I usually get cold, so I brought a sweater too. Not three minutes in the car and I was getting warm. It was an absolutely beautiful day. The whole drive I just couldn't keep up with everything I was trying to look at. On the left just a few turns up there is a pasture with miniature pony's. We were going to stop and pet them, but the turn off was pretty muddy and we didn't want to risk the car getting stuck. All over the place are cows, horses, lamas and donkeys. Not to mention all the amazing birds we saw.

When we got to our first stop, we all got out and walked along the trails. The kids all ran off together, Lincoln is keeping a close eye on Kodi since we were right on the water. Not mention he loves his little brother and would burn the world down for him. Matt and I walked further down the trail and went to the edge of the water. Just hearing the rushing water hit the rocks and debris was so peaceful. We walked up a hill , that was pretty rough, I had to sit down to catch my breath after. Because I was getting tired we walked back up the path and sat at the picnic benches while the kids played.

Ten minuets later, Matt went to get the kids and I walked in the grass. Watching the green graze over my brown boots, and feeling the sun on my face was so incredible. Hearing my children laughing and running around in nature is just priceless.

We went to our next stop and walked down the most beautiful trail. The water was cool and refreshing to the touch. The suns reflection on the water was something out of a painting. I know I keep going on about how beautiful it all was but really it was breathtaking.

We all came back home, had some lunch and hung out a bit till it was time to cook dinner. While we were eating, we played the game Clue and also had it on the TV. Both kids won, by the way. lol Matt is still bitter. We all sat on the floor by the fire and ate dinner, laughed, and just had much needed family time. I told Matt I don't think the kids are able to appreciate us getting out and being in the sun. Not a knock on them, but they are always outside. I rarely have that warm feeling of the sun against my face. The way it warms my cheeks and then all over is a comforting feeling. Something I need most often. Matt is off this coming Sunday and we will be out exploring more together. This time just the four of us. Maybe a picnic lunch, that would be nice.

After the kids all went to bed, Matt and I finished the series Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. EXCELLENT SHOW! Shortly after we go to bed. Well about 20 minuets later I was up with pain and nausea. I ended going to bed about 2:30am.

Monday was a really bad day. I was propped up on the couch most the day and lots of medication. It's actually Monday night and I am still dealing with the pain. Between the pain MEDs, regular daily meds, and nausea meds I'm completely exhausted.

One thing I was able to today was uploading the pictures and created a shop for Kodi to sell his bead animals and give all the money to project purple. All his ideas by the way. I'm so blessed to have such a pure hearted little boy. Lincoln is the same way. Just hearts of gold! Kodi has been working hard on these creations. Go check them out! They are customization as well, colors and animals. We are currently working on purple ribbon key chains. I'll let everyone when we have those up. Also my sister in law Tricia (amazing woman) makes signs and she is donating her time and products so we can showcase them as well. Wait for those updates!

Sandra Kellas

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