ER Follow Up, An Unexpected Appointment

My pain levels for the past week have been anywhere from 2 or 3s on my pain scale, to thinking really hard about calling the ambulance again. A few things I think that are contributing to increased pain is the stress from planning these two back to back birthday parties. Making sure I have enough balloons and streamers to make my house look amazing for him. Double and triple checking to make sure there are enough gift boxes, and candy for the Candy Bar. Going back and forth about cupcakes, or cake. It’s all the little detailed stuff that just has me all spun up. It all has to be perfect, even though I know about 50 things are bound to go wrong. Haaa.

And oh man, the little arguments I seem to be getting into. Geeze, I feel like it’s a lot. I live a fairly laid-back life, and don’t get in arguments often. So, to get into a couple in a matter of weeks is stressful.

Just this evening Matt and I had a little tiff and went to bed not pleased. I was in bed next to him when I got hit with another round pain, I went out to the living room but, before I left I almost forgot my phone. I thought about not bring it with me for a moment but ultimately decided to bring it. While I was getting my medicine, I have having a hard time breathing because it hurt so much. I laid back for a few minutes and that seemed to help alleviate the pain, but I knew I would need help getting back to my bedroom. Even with Matt and I not seeing eye to eye I knew without a shadow of a doubt I could call him, and he’d answer. A moment later he was by myside.

I've been pretty much loaded up on meds since getting home last Wednesday. It's been very hard to concentrate and difficult doing the simple things I enjoy, like my beads. I stay up late in bed watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and then of course I’m exhausted the next day.

Today I was feeling awful. I was trying to clean up a bit, to try and contribute because I feel so useless. I was honest with Matt about my feeling and he talked me through the pain, and tears. Shortly after I checked my mail and there was a box from a sweet friend in Georgia. I started to open the box with a knife, and I heard a Hissing sound. I got pretty scared to be honest. But I finished opening it and it was a beautiful picture, and exactly what I needed.

I did have a couple girlfriends over on Saturday. We had intended on watching Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again. But instead sat around and talked all afternoon. It was nice to sit around and just hang out, talk and laugh.

Just this evening Matt and I had a little tiff this evening and went to bed not pleased. I was in bed next to him when I got hit with another round pain, I went out to the living room but ,before I left I reached for my phone and went back and forth with myself and got some medicine

I had an Emergency Room follow up with my primary on Monday. We discussed all the normal follow up procedures and then found out that she had been given the information from UCSF to start her part in the TPIAT procedure.

That entails the vaccines, an Echocardiogram, and the letter stating she will be handling all my pain management medications.

I was so excited, it was very unexpected. They are looking to have my surgery done by June or July. My next appointment is on May 6th for the 2nd round of vaccines.

Kodi is having his 9th birthday party on Friday night. I'll be posting about that experience this weekend along with pictures. (roughly eight, 8 and 9-year-old boys sleeping over, please pray! Haaa) I will also be having a Birthday Sale on my jewelry page, I just haven't gotten to do that yet. Like I said I've been really sick and in a lot of pain. A lot of times my vision is blurry, so that means it's hard to work on anything, let alone numbers.

Thank you all for supporting me and going along with me on this journey.

Love, Sandra

By the way, all my friends and family call me Sandee. I’ve had my site up for four months now, I think we can get a little cozier.

Love Sandee

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