Embassy not so Suite 

This past week I had been very excited about tonight. Hotel room was booked, dinner reservations were made, and limo ordered. All was going perfectly as planned. I even had Lincoln pack us some of our favorite nuts to munch on. Well, as fast as my excitement had started, as soon as Matt saw the limo it faded. He hated it. I had worked so hard on this surprise and it crumbled like dry clay in my hand. Eventually he accepted the fact that it was happening and we moved on with our night. I guess this is just a lesson in the surprise department.

This week starts vacation for both Matt and Kodi. As nice as that sounds trust me when I say this will be probably a very hectic week. Between prepping for our annual chili night, to Thanksgiving, family pictures, not to mention work, and my charity efforts. Seriously, with all the medications I'm on a valium would be great!! Tomorrow afternoon I have a quick follow up with my PCP, just a check in before the holidays are in full swing. I am doing so well! I am moving a lot more and sleeping a lot less (in a good way.) I'm getting more accomplished since I don't have a head fog. I can remember things and hold conversations without feeling embarrassed or ashamed I'll get confused and just have to pretend to go along. By January 1st 2020 I will be ready to tackle the world again. Has anyone tried CBD oil? Oh. Em. Ge. It's wonderful! I have some from my company Monat, and it's just amazing! I have low back pain and still some soreness. I just rub a bit on my affected area and within minutes I feel relief! I had slept on my shoulder wrong and it was really hurting. I just put a few drops on and rubbed it in. Within minutes it was better. It also helps with my sleep. I have a hard time shutting my brain off at night, but this is almost like a lullaby being sang by the sweetest voice, on a warm summer night while you drift off to sleep. See just then, I was almost out. If you would like to order this product let me know. But for now I am going to take full advantage of this comfy hotel bed. Good night everyone. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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