51 Days

This past month has been very trying for myself and my family. It seemed like every other day something was impacting us in one way or another. Today however, I received wonderful news. It isn’t my news to discuss, but it was something that had been weighing on my heart. Now, I can breathe a little easier.

Along with that, I also heard from my Panky Friend. I had been so worried and anxious waiting to find out how she was doing and if everything was a success. Just last week she emailed me back and told me she was doing great! The pain that she had felt for the last 20 years is finally gone. She didn’t have any tubes still connected when she left the hospital. In fact, she was walking all over San Francisco. If that isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is.

I shared last week about my cousin who had also had the TPAIT done just a couple weeks ago. She has been discharged from the hospital and is staying close just in case. The Team has been having a hard time controlling her pain. Just yesterday she was still at a 7. Please keep in mind this is all surgical pain, not pancreas pain. “Cousin” was able to walk around the hospital floor roughly 5 times. Each trip was about the equivalent of half a basketball court. As of the other day almost all the ports have been removed. The islet cells also seem to be on track.

Hearing these stories from these two women is both comforting and scary. I know what pain feels like, pain that actually makes you pass out. Screaming in pain and begging Matt to knock me out just to get some relief. I am going to go in with an open mind, and a positive spirit. I trust my team of doctors and I know they will keep me safe.

On another note, I enrolled in Real Estate school! I am very excited to take this on. I researched the best school for me, which would include; online, self-paced, within our budget, and positive reviews. Tonight, if I am well enough, I will start my first course. If not, there is always tomorrow.

Before every big procedure all the boys and I make a paper count down chain. In each of the links is a personal, inspiring message.

Thank you all so much for being patient with me, as some days are good and others not. Sometimes impacting my blogs and other posts. Thank you.

Love Sandee

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