3 Days to go!

First, I'd like to apologize for my lack of consistency with my blog lately. I have not been doing well and have been sleeping more than I have been awake.

I have been thinking about changing up my blog a bit and adding in some new tabs such as DIY, RECIPES, HOME TIPS, ect. What do you think? (Please comment below) For those of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you see all the crafts the boys and I do, along with the recipes we have tried and modified for those who have Pancreatic Disease. Please tell me your thoughts on this. And maybe add some ideas of your own. Something that has been bothering me is the lack of blog content. I started to think about why when I started out so strong. Well, the truth is my life is very boring. Lol. We have 3 days till my surgery. Things are getting more real and I have a lot more going on leading up to the big day. A big thank you to those who have stuck by myside and have continued to check on me. It truly means so much to me.

Well, like I said we have 3 days till my surgery. I have all the appointments scheduled and a pretty detailed plan on multiple calendars around the house. Luckily my boys are very self sufficient and I dont need to premake any meals for them. I have Instacart (grocery delivery service) on Lincoln's phone that way they can order groceries when they are low. Of course they can always just go to the store. We are currently redecorating our house little by little, room by room. I was inspired by my friend Bonnie to look at thrift stores. The pieces that we found are so beautiful! I had this vision for the boys bathroom to decorate it in a beach theme. It's almost done and beautiful! Best part, I did it all for under $50.00

Over the next couple days I'll be organizing and making sure we have everything we need in the suitcase. I had a mini meltdown earlier today. I'm scared, I'm so scared, but now I'm excited and really looking forward to it! I told Matt my emotions are all over the place. I am like a pregnant woman on her period. Lol

The day of surgery I'll be on Facebook and Instagram, please if you dont follow me request me that way you can be sure to get all the updates. Matt is going to update my Facebook page and blog. Please respect that he is under a lot of stress and updating people is the last thing on his mind, and honestly he is doing it for me. So please, dont reach out to him for updates, he will update when he has news. And it goes without being said, do not contact my children for any updates.

This past Saturday my bestfriends surprised me with a petting zoo in my back yard. For all those who know me know I LOVE farm animals! This was the most thoughtful gift I have ever received. Matt and even worked it out with Eric to have Kodi there. Sharing that moment with my baby was just amazing.

I know this blog post was a bit all over the place, but that's okay I'm usually all over the place. Please comment below in regards to my questions. Good night all,, Love, Sandee

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